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    December 2017
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      We’ve come along way…

      The airlines we will be flying on in Europe charge you $24 for each piece of checked luggage you will carry; we are on 3 of these happy flights before we depart the continent. It is cheaper to mail our excess home (and be happily baggage free) than to carry it with us. Thus, Sam and I found ourselves in the Brisbane post office yesterday, sweating through our shirts as we tried to fit almost all of our worldly possessions into a large box to ship home. They wouldn’t fit. Try as we might there was no way to satisfy both the requirements for an overseas package (can’t be too heavy) as well as the airline requirements (we can’t have more than one small bag each). We finally decided on sending a second box along with the first to hold the 6 kilos of extra goods that just wouldn’t fit. A stranger in the post office watched our struggle for a good half-hour, listened to me crying over the cost of it all, and lo and behold – as he left he slipped Sam a $50 bill and told him it was a gift from one traveler to another. We shipped our boxes. I stopped complaining about money. We left feeling like maybe there are a lot of good people in the world after all.

      Later that night we got a phone call from a Canadian couple who had just moved to Brisbane from Canada; they wanted to see Hiro (we are trying so hard to sell him so that we can afford the rest of our trip). Our time and money spent washing and detailing paid off – they loved him and turned over a pile of cash this morning. We are happy he will have people who will love him. We stayed in him one more night (behind the petrol station in a muddy yard full of trucks and backpacker vans) and, after dropping off the few possessions we have left at a horrible hostel, we delivered him to his new home. I couldn’t be more relieved. Our gamble on buying instead of renting a car paid off. I am soooooo lucky. This life of mine is indeed charmed. And there is no way that I could be happier about the fact that I will be meeting my favorite ladies in Gothenburg in just a few days. Life is good.

      We’ve managed to survive the endless roads (of wrong-sided driving), outlandish petrol prices, a run-down battery, emus charging our car, wallabies raiding our M&M’s, echidnas throwing their spiky bodies under our wheels, crashing over one very large kangaroo corpse, deserts, rainforests, mountains, snow, blazing heat, mosquitoes, flies, midges, no-see-ums, gnats, loads of very large spiders, loads of interesting people, and being stuck in a car with only one other person for two months while showering about once a week with dish soap and eating nothing but peanut butter, white bread, apples, and noodles (and the occasional carrot). We have had a blast. We can now afford to carry ourselves to Sweden and into the warm arms of Anna’s hospitality. We anticipate many fun things while in Sweden, the majority of which will be the things I usually do (and look forward to the most) while visiting friends: take over the couch, harass the pets, and make the friends cook me dinner. Anna can’t wait for us (and ORLAGH AND SARAH!) to arrive! 😀

      See you in Sweden!!!!!!!!!!

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