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    December 2017
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      Desert Driving

      For the most part Australia feels like the U.S. was some 20-40 years ago. Little towns have cute little downtown areas where you drive in and park on main street […]

      Uluru National Park

      We woke at 5:30 and, skipping breakfast, were fourth in line to get into the park in the morning. We paid our $25 each to enter, then drove through the […]

      This is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about

      May 13 The sunrise that woke us in the morning was the exact reverse of the sunset with the sun bleeding into the sky like it was being dragged slowly […]

      How much price gouging is acceptable, really, when you are 1000km from anywhere?

      We made it about 100km away from Uluru after watching the sunset before settling for the night in the relative luxury of a rest stop that had 1) a water […]

      Adelaide to Coober Pedy

      May 11-12 It was only a little over 300km from Adelaide to Port Augusta, the last stop before the outback, but we didn’t make it there on Mother’s Day. We […]

      Hiking Mt. Difficult

      So of course I gave in to the line in my hiking book that promised the “best sunset views in Victoria” and dragged Sam into the Grampians to hike up […]

      The Great Ocean Road

      We took three and a half days to tour the Great Ocean Road and examine some of its diversions such as the Great Otway National Park, Erskine Falls, Blanket Bay […]

      Sydney to Melbourne

      Sydney April 30 -May 1 We arrived in Sydney on May 1 and took an evening tour of what the city center had to offer – namely visited the internet, […]

      Road Trippin’ Oz

      So after the purchase of our new-used wagon (in dubious interior condition. I don’t think it has been cleaned in a long, long while) we hit up the second hand […]

      Breaker 1 9…

      So it has taken five days and probably $50 worth of phone calls but i think we FINALLY HAVE FOUND A CAR! If all goes well tomorrow morning we will […]

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