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      Into Bolivia

      So after the world’s longest commute that I didn’t expect I have made it to Bolivia. I had a lovely time on Wednesday night at the asado (bbq) at the Terra Oculta hostel in Salta. They had all the food you could ever want, supplemented by an unending supply of wine and good music. I don’t know how many times the guys from the hostel came around asking people if they wanted any more steak (I didn’t eat any of it but the veggie food was fantastic as well.) And all for $5. Awesome! I had to make myself go to bed at half past midnight, as I had to get up at 6am to catch my bus to the Bolivian border on Thursday morning. The two Australian girls in my room also were headed to the bus terminal so we shared a cab and by 7am I was on my way to the border. The bus ride was longer than I expected, taking over 8 hours. It was beautiful though, with huge mountains and cacti and rocks of all sorts of different colors. We didn’t reach the border until 3ish. There was a nice Israeli couple sitting next to me on the bus so I went with them to cross the border. You have to walk about 1km to the place where the border patrols are, and it was probably the easiest border crossing I have ever done. They just kind of looked at your passport a little and threw a stamp on it, for the both Argentine side and the Bolivian side, then poof! You are in Bolivia! And what a difference a kilometer makes. The streets were covered in trash, the people are easy to understand, and everything is really, really cheap. You can expect presents from Bolivia, by the way. :)

      Anyways, went with the Israelis to the train station where we fought our way in line (those little old ladies may look innocent but they will cut in front of you in half a second) and got tickets to Uyuni. The sign on the way said we’d get there at 10:30, but it became painfully obvious once we were on the bus and moving (or, not moving mostly) that we wouldn’t get there in near that time. The train was nice, though, and I had two seats to myself. They played a few really good movies, the best I have seen on any bus I’ve taken in Argentina or Chile thus far. They even showed ¨300¨, which I have been waiting to see. It was in Spanish of course, so I only understood maybe half of it, but it was still beautiful to watch. We didn’t get into Uyuni until 1:30 am, making a ten hour train ride in total. I was ready to be done with commuting for the day as I have come down with a bad cold and have been a sniffling, sneezing mess for the past 48 hours…. ugh. The Israelis and I found a rather nice hostel to stay at (for $3 a night!) and I slept until late this morning. Am hoping to lave tomorrow for a three/four day tour of the salt flats, then I will head to La Paz.

      Wish me luck in feeling better, I’d hate to feel this way stuck in a jeep on rough roads for four days….. Ugh…

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