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    January 2018
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      I have no blood left for the mosquitoes to take

      Current location: Rantee Beach, Phi Phi Don Island, Thailand

      Last accommodation: Rantee Hut bungalow, $6.50/person

      Last meal eaten: Rantee hut’s Pancake with cashew nuts and honey. ($1.25)World’s best pancake, bar none. Amazingly good.

      Health Status: Itchy

      Yesterday was an amazing day full of snorkeling, riding in longboats, and sunburning ourselves. I am currently sitting on the beach in my bathing suit with socks on, as I burnt the tops of my feet so badly yesterday. We woke early yesterday to eat our breakfast (bought the day before in town, I had two croissants and a dragonfruit) on the beach while watching the sun rise then hiking ourselves with our sunscreen and sarongs over the hill (in the worst humidity imaginable) to meet up with our longboat. I think pictures do this trip more justice than words, so here is the tour of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lay:

      We were so “knackered” (Orlagh’s word) after our trip it was all we could do to eat dinner and have a couple drinks before we passed out in our happy little bungalow, listening to the waves crash and the geckos… um… trill, and the termites chewing away at the wood. Really. The sounds of chewing were loud enough to cover the sound of the sea. You can’t see them, but little dust piles appear here and there, on your pillow and on your sleeping sheet. We doubt the bungalow structure, already with several questionable holes in the thatched roof, will hold up another year. Also, we are becoming pretty much covered with bug bites. Between hiking over the hills and sleeping with arms a little too close to the edge of the mosquito nets – we are looking like our legs are starting to have chicken pox. We go through bug spray and hydrocortisone cream like water. We couldn’t be happier.

      Below are Orlagh and I writing in the bungalow on Rantee beach, plus the pancakes from heaven, the world’s most beautiful patio, Sam’s effort at spicing his pad thai up (even in Thailand it’s not hot enough for him) and our bungalow bathroom, just because.

      Today we leave for Railay bay, a two hour boat ride away. Tomorrow we sleep on the beach, reading and sunning and perhaps a little Frisbee at lunch, just to keep our metabolisms going. We shall lie like broccoli. Maybe a massage or two. Who knows? Anything is possible.

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