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      Motorbiking across Northern Thailand – Dec 29-Jan 6

      So Sam and I took off on our tiny 125cc motorbike into the mountains of Northwest Thailand. Not necessarily the best equipped, the best prepared, or the best looking, but […]

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      Happy New Yea…blahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

      01/07/2008 So my fantastic New Year’s motorbike tour of Thailand was interrupted by the most vicious flu Sam and I have ever had. Which we both got at the exact […]


      Chiang Mai

      (quick note: some of the photos in the more recent posts are huge – sorry, they didn’t resize right. I will fix it as soon as possible. But for now […]


      Sukothai, December 24-26 (Merry Christmas!)

      Our holiday home away from home in Sukhothai was in the lovely bungalows of Garden House. They had a narrow strip of bungalows away from the road! (no road noise!!!) […]

      Bayans, Beers, and Butterflies – Phi Mai and Khon Kaen, Dec 21-23

      I took a second hot shower of luxury spideryness after I woke up to the sounds of a Friday morning parade starring the big brass sounds of the trumpet and […]


      Monkeys in the Morning, Deer at Night – Khao Yai National Park Dec. 18-20

      Sam was feeling a bit better on Tuesday so we headed to Kaho Yai (cow ya-eye) for some jungle scenery. It took us a half hour and asking about ten […]

      Ayutthaya December 15-16

      Saturday morning in Ayutthaya brought 30 year old bikes and coke slurpees and scary traffic for us. We rented bikes for the day for $1 from the old lady across […]


      Ayutthaya Day 1, December 14

      Sam and I awoke to pokes in our backs from the conductor as our train pulled into Bangkok on the morning of Friday the 14th. We were not very happy […]


      Khao Sok National Park, December 12-13

      > Currrent Location: Surat Thani Train to Bangkok Last Accommodation: Tent in Khao Sok Park ($1 camping fee) Last meal eaten: Street rice with chicken – $1 Health Status: Sore […]

      Burma in a day

      Location: Ranong Last Accommodation: Bangsan Guest house/T.V. Bar – $2.25/person Last Meal: Ultra awesome table grillin’ chicken (gai!) – $2.50/person Health Status: Please don’t let me get sick from that […]


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