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      Category - Cambodia

      Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia Feb 8-12

      Sihanoukville is a Cambodian port city on the Gulf of Thailand. For a major city and the third most popular tourist destination in Cambodia it is remarkably underdeveloped. Our arrival […]

      Holiday in Cambodia

      Phnom Penh, Feb 6-7 On arrival in the city (hee hee!) Just a sales lady, but these shoulder sticks are carried by everyone to tote everything from food to truckfuls […]

      Angkor What?

      Feb 1- Feb 5: Siem Reap Siem Reap is unreal. In a country where 80% of the people still live off of subsistence farming and the average wage is $35/month […]


      A nightmare of border crossings

      Jan 29 Takhek to Paxse Our day in Takhek was terrible with our motorbike fiasco but I did end up getting a nice (but very old) book about a farming […]


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