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      Daintree National Park

      After our visit in Innisfail Sam and I decided to head towards Cairns to do some possible snorkeling, but the weather was not having it. The schedule was rainy and […]


      G’day mates!

      Our flight from Hong Kong to Australia left at 11:30pm, but it was not to be the overnight sleeper flight that I thought it would be, with us arriving in […]


      The misery and joy of Hong Kong

      April 14-16 After the most expensive train ride I have taken anywhere (over $13 an hour) we arrived in Hong Kong very late on the 14th, which was probably a […]



      April 12-13 Guangzhou Guangzhou is the start of the continuous urban sprawl that heads south for hours, terminating at Hong Kong (well, really only ending because they run out of […]


      The Longji Terraces

      On April 10 we set out on an overnight trip to the Longji terraces also known as the dragon’s back (or dragon’s backbone) terraces. They were not very green nor […]

      Mastering Tai Chi

      So we spent more time in Yangshuo than we have actually spent anywhere else. We decided to take along break and learn a new skill, in this case Tai Chi. […]


      The hills are alive…

      So after a morning of scouring the computer stores in Guilin (and finding nothing to help poor old computey get over his worm)on March 31 we headed to Yangshuo, a […]


      Finding the “real” China

      By the way, this is a sleeper bus (I just wanted to put this picture in here): If one wants to find something other than a bunch of foreign tourists […]

      Oh My Gosh! Pandas!

      We left early this morning in a mini-van with three other people (one being a girl we had met previously in Lijiang), destined for the Chengdu Panda Research Base where […]

      Chengdu Sichuan Opera!

      Our plans to take the “back door” route (North then East) along the Tibet border to Chengdu were cancelled due to “snow blocking the roads” (read: government shut-down because of […]

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