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      Cairns to Brisbane

      So we have finally (and sadly) made it back to Brisbane. We haven’t been in a huge major city since Melbourne and I can’t say that I missed it. The traffic, the difficulty in navigation of city streets, the endless chain stores. You can keep it. I am so not a city person. We had a nice journey down the coast, relaxing on numerous beaches and visiting sights, and talking with other travellers. We have been in almost every charity/thrift shop along the way and have been on a book rampage. I think I have read about 15 books in the last week or so, most of which were quite crap but we did manage to find “Jitterbug Perfume”, one of the Tom Robbins books I hadn’t read yet, so I was happy about that. We have also been attempting to get in more exercise, using our days to walk and jog on the beach instead of making world-record distance drives across the Australian landscape. I feel slightly less like a blob thanks to this, however I think my calves have seized up on me – I won’t be able to walk correctly for at least another week. Maybe a bit too much too soon…… Oh I am so out of shape.

      We have temporarily bought a mobile phone and will have our ads up for our car as soon as the phone decides to activate online (which it is not happy about doing right now) so will be around brisbane for the next week, hoping that someone calls us and tells us that they want our car.

      Anyways, for now here are some pictures from our trip up the coast:

      The fruit bats in Cairns. We have seen them all the north, around Darwin and Cairns. They are fantastic, fighting in the trees and soaring overhead with their huge wings outstretched. We were lucky enough to be in Cairns at dusk, to see hundreds and hundreds of them of them flying out of their tree roosts for the night. It was beautiful to see but hard to take any pictures of. Here is one bat in the dusk anyways, to give an impression…

      We stopped in Babinda to get some information on the local parks, then headed in to the beautiful “Boulders” campsite and river. It was a gorgeous place, with waterfalls and swimming holes, but it was a little too chilly in the shade of the giant trees for any swimming for me.

      We also stopped at Josephine falls at the foot of Bartle Frere, Queesnland’s highest peak (not all that high at just over 1600m…).

      There are a million butterflies soaring around, some of them so brightly colored they hurt your eyes. We found this guy dead on the side of the road, but he was still beautiful to look at.

      There were more beaches than I care to recall along the way, but the prettiest were Etty Bay and this one, Mission Beach. We walked and jogged and found amazing seashells and sunned ourselves and read books; in general we had a good time.

      Sign before a hike in the Tam O’Shatner National Park outside of Mission Beach (hoping to spot a Cassowary but we didn’t. Lots of Cassowary poo though. They poo a lot, and they seem to like to do it right in the path we were walking on).

      Sam walked into this spider’s web. He is the craziest spider I have ever seen, and he was very, very angry that we had destroyed his house. Thank god he didn’t bite us, but I don’t htink he was poisonous.

      Sunrise at Saunder’s Beach. We liked it so much on our way to Cairns we decided to stay another night on the way back as well.

      The Big Mango.

      This car-top sleeper belonged to two guys from near Byron Bay. Supposedly it is Italian – I have never seen a sleeping platform like it. We talked to them for nearly two hours – they were funny and witty and entertaining, full of information and stories. Unique people with a unique camper.

      I have been suffering endlessly from a barrage of no-see-um bites that were inflicted sneakily while I lay in the back of the car watching the sun rise at Bagal Beach. Yes, I wake up for sunrises now. It is some sort of miracle. Anyways, they itch like no other, making mosquito bites seem like child’s play. My legs look like i have chicken pox. I am almost out of itch ointment. I think it is time to leave Australia. 😀

      Wish us luck in selling Hiro, and if you know anyone who lives in Brisbane in need of a very awesome station wagon send them my way 😉

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